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Non-FlammableCarbon dioxide is a slightly toxic, odorless, colorless gas with a slightly pungent, acidic taste. It will not burn or support combustion. It is 1.52 times heavier than air and is very soluble in water, forming carbonic acid. Carbon dioxide will sublime at atmospheric pressure and -109°F to solid form (dry ice).

Carbon dioxide is formed naturally by the decomposition of organic material, through combustion, fermentation and digestion. It is also produced as a by-product of many industrial processes such as lime kiln operation and production of materials including ammonia and magnesium.

Carbon dioxide has many applications based on its varied properties. It is widely used in food processing for cooling, preservation or pH control. It is also used to blanket chemicals, control pH in water treatment, shield metal welding, stimulate biological growth and as a fire-extinguishing agent.




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